Monday, 30 April 2007

all IKEA'ed out

Had a nice trip to IKEA and got a few bits and bobs...some inspiration...and a lighter purse!!!
Did have a few stressy moments like....

why is it people who have only two seats in their car with no baby in sight think they have the right to park in the parent and baby place when we were right behind (and signalling)? .....

no trollies unless you go down in the lift which by the way, one isnt working mmmm....

a fire drill where everyone is evacuated and the person on the announcement says your child (who was playing happily in the play area) is now in the carpark (very well cared for I must say but still concerning)....long lunch queues bc of fire drill...BUT

I must stop complaining bc fab stuff...really good prices...great free play area we got to use twice....great value food....and surprisingly this time no hassles at check out....and best of all back in time for the school run at 3pm!

Will show you what I got tomorrow...although I am supposed to be sorting the house out...

Sunday, 29 April 2007

I have had such a busy weekend... I did take some photos on saturday of things that are making me happy and I have not had time to download. Tomorrow I'm going to IKEA with a friend, so it is off to bed early!!

Thursday, 26 April 2007

'Time is not money,

Time is more valuable'

I found this quote today when I was looking for something else and I really liked it. I always find Thursdays a rush bc I have Sunbeams (toddler group) in morning, pre-school and school run in afternoon and work to get packed up for in the evening. I always seem to be rushing.

Today it was like *time* was slow, allowing me to do what I needed without rushing. I made a few changes to create time, like pack the car for work the night before when it wasn't a rush, put the dinner in the slow cooker before I went to school, put the washing in the night before, I went to Fleet for something and instead of staying I came back and got a few things done before the school run.

Do you know what I really liked....not rushing around in the time after school, preparing dinner...I had time to talk with the children and listen...

'Time is not money. Time is more valuable'.......make your time count for the important things like the people in your life.

I took these the other day and I am working on a layout for one of them from the transparency class I did tonight.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

must have...

oh so lovely, gorgeous stash...I think it is the nicest parcel I have received for a long time...just going to play!!!

I am playing with transparencies for my class tomorrow....I have had all these ideas and not any time to do them.

Also I am collecting the books today.

Apparently this book it a must get...

Have a good Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, 24 April 2007


I hate waiting for things..these are some of the goodies I ordered from Artbase. I always check out their recently added section bc things seem to flying in and out pretty quickly.
I love the skull and cross bone paper from junkitz ever since I saw it used in Mary Russo's blog and Jamie is going to have a pirate birthday party so I thought I would get prepared!
Also I love these journalling spots from Autumn Leaves bc they make journalling so much quicker and confined to a small space, which means you have to be more selective about what you write.
Crate paper I love (blue and red)...I can't remember all the bits I ordered so it will be a surprise!!
The gingham prima flowers were a adorable. I love gingham and spots at the moment.

I am also waiting for some (get this) 12x12 self adhesive felt! I have ordered 10 different colours, so more on that when it arrives!
In the mean time I just have to wait...and wait...(oh got a card through the door while I was doing the pre-school run...just hate that won't get it till tomorrow!!! :( .....just 5 mins earlier!!! and I would have been home)

Monday, 23 April 2007

moments like these...

over the weekend I was thinking about routines and what things we did over the weekend or on a typical saturday. As I was walking home with Stephanie we were both saing what busy days we had had, and how funny it would be to write this down and record it...and of course scrap it!!!

So I thought I would record that it a few days, months, or years I could look back and rememeber!!

6:30 ish.. panic Jamie woke us up which means we both slept through our alarm..(Lucia had adjusted my radio alarm to a gentle hissing) Colin's quite unusual for me I didn't hear.

6:45 get up and dressed and then go on a clothes hunt for then rest of the children, who are all downstairs watching 'land before time'

7::00 breakfast all of us together bc Colin has not gone to work yet....the usual indecision and changes of mind from the children over which cereal they would like and where they are sitting...

7:15 breakfast is all going well until Colin leaves and then there is a mad scrum to give daddy a hug and wave him off...lucky daddy!! Manage to coax them back to the table to finish breakfast.

7:30 finish dressing the younger two and look at the clock in amazement that even thought we were up a bit late I was ahead of schedule! !

7:45 Tidied up kitchen, sorted dishwasher, put a load of clothes on, swept lounge, 'encouraged' children to finish getting ready, sorted out ice cold drinks, and packed the lunch boxes (thank goodness I did them last night)

8:30 Pile out of the door in a mad rush to get to school but actually we are on time!! It is a lovely 10min walk and all the way the children were racing to find the next dandelion clock to blow.

9:15 Back from school and hop in the car to take Ewan to pre-school..I could walk but there were some spots of rain..ewan wasn't very happy today and cried when I left him..soon settled down though.

9:30 Back home i tidied the mass of toys from the garden bc it had started to rain and watered the plants (I know it had started to rain but only little spots)

Then I had to finish some albums I have been making...I needed to drop them at the printers to be bound so I had a deadline....

Lucia was constantly asking for 'biscuit', or apple, or banana....anything to eat really

10:50 have a panic bc I have not even cut up the paper for the pages and I need to pick up Ewan at 11:45. I manage to speed up (aided by a nice cup of coffee and a chocolate digestive) and finish assembling all the albums.

12:00 Go to the printers and find that one of the designs of album is to thick and it needs to be drilled!! Will have to go back with more and do them all together.

12:18 Leave and go to my mum and dads for the afternoon.
On the way we were waiting at traffic lights and Ewan looked up and said 7 and 7. He had noticed the numbers on a street lamp I asked him what number came b4 7 '3' and then he said 6. Smart cookie!

3:00 School run again and back to the house for about half an hour before Phoebe has ballet for 1/2 hour. it is in and out of the car....mad

4:00 Sort out pastry for chicken pie for dinner only to remember that we are going out tonight and there is pizza ...oh well we will have both!!!!

5:30 baths and sort out dinner...lots of crying and hyper behaviour!!

6:00 dinner and Colin arrives home to more crying from Phoebe who wants to sit next to him and Ewan who refuses to budge!! Finally we reach a compromise and dinner can start!

6:30 Put Ewan and Lucia to bed and while they are settling do a quick blog ooops! been here half an hour better go and sort the other two out and do their story in time to go out at 8:00

8:00 'Tall Fun Sarah' is babysitting so we can go out to friends house.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

fun pictures..

I found these fantastic long straws in a bargain shop!! I used them for a craft at Sunbeams and the rest we had fun with at home. We made strawberry milkshakes with ice in (it was a hot day!!) and the children put their drinks on the floor and drank with these long straws. I wanted to get the idea of the length of the straw so played around with different camera shots. I love the one where Jamie's straw bends. Don't you think the colours are so lovely and 'summer'

yeah for sunshine, milkshakes, ice-creams, iced coffee and playing outside!!!

Saturday, 21 April 2007

here's a question...

I was at a ladies afternoon at our church...had a great time...the speaker Maggie's opening question was so good i thought I would ask you...

'Each company has a logo which describes who they are...if you could choose a logo which sums you up, what would it be and why?

Could be a fun LO to do!!

I'm still thinking by the way!!!


In my excitement to tell you about the crop I forgot to say where it was...Yateley Manor School, Reading Road Yateley.

There are limited places so if you don't want to miss out book asap!

Friday, 20 April 2007

love these colours....

I made this album last for Jamie's teacher when she left to have a baby (Mrs Garbett was the best!!) I was looking at it again and thinking how much i liked the *spring* freshness of the colours.
I mixed and matched BG Oh Baby Girl!, BG Romany and Sassfralass. The stamps were Geli tins.
It was nice and easy to make by punching holes and putting the book rings through. I tied ribbons to the book rings to give it extra interest and to stop the pages flopping around.
I inked around the edges to give it an aged feel.
These are my favourite pages....
Why not have a go...use up your scraps and create something gorgeous!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2007


I am pleased to announce the first ever *Three Little Monkeys* weekend crop!!!!

It is on Friday 22 June to Saturday 23th June

Friday night will run from 7pm-10pm and Saturday is 9am-9pm with lunch included.

The cost is £16 for the two days or £3.00 for just Fri night or £15 for just Saturday. (to get the discount for both days you have to book them both together) Bargain!!!

I will be running two classes back to back on the Saturday after lunch, details TBA. There will be some competitions (with prizes), my little shop, and tea and coffee all day long. Unfortunately there are no facilities for sleeping but I can find out details of local B&B if you need info. There are loads of places nearby to go to eat for dinner.

Now places are limited so if you want to book please e-mail me on asap!!

I will need full payment by 31st May.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

just things...

Just a sneaky peek...I am running a class tomorrow making ruler books. They came out so nicely that I have decided to make some more of the basic albums.
I will make some up and have them on sale at the next crop but if you would like to pre-order a particular colour scheme then let me know.
Basically it is a spiral bound album measuring 10cm by 30cm. Each album has 8 pages plus a reinforced front and back cover, giving a total of 18 sides to put photos on. I usually make the books in a monocramatic colour scheme (one colour but varying shades) using up to three different colours or I use three colours which compliment each other. Each album costs £6 (plus p&p or collect at crop) or you can buy 3 for £15.
Also some photos from when we went to Virgina Waters. We made flower art from all the fallen petals!! I love the photos of Phoebe jumping.....and Jamie posing on the log....Ewan playing with his 'Gordan' while he was on his Thomas day with Colin and finally Lucia in the Magnolia petals...

Monday, 16 April 2007

change of plan!!!

Saw these on the way to school this morning...just loved their vibrant colour!!!

Was really enjoying today..first day back after the holiday...time to tidy up, sort out the washing, clean...get the house back in order. I had to meet up with a friend to plan the programme for Sunbeams (toddler group) which was lovely.
Had a sneak peak at the photos from the party from saturday (such a great one of me in my outfit and a gret one of Colin) I was helping Liz do the photo box album when suddenly it lost everthing new that had been done....not good. we manage to remember what had been changed.

Come home and get a phone call to say the school has been shut...apparently there is no water!!! oh well no tidying this afternoon!! :)

Sunday, 15 April 2007

a blue hair day....

had so much fun today...bc my sister Beckah had brought all these wigs over for me to try on for the party last night, we had a bit of fun today and wore them when we went to church. I put this blue bob...loads of people said they thought it suited me! It was such fun and apart from that the whole service was fantastic. I love going to a church where you can do something mad and no one minds but also I love my church bc they are so passionate about God...

After church we had a quick photo shoot in the garden. The wig was getting a bit hot and scratchy!!! Probably could have found a better back drop but we were in a bit of a hurry...tell me what you think..should I go for short and blue? I threatened to wear it to school tomorrow when I take the children....Jamie said no and Phoebe really wanted me to....maybe next time!!! :)

party on...

We went to my friend Julie's birthday party tonight and it rocked!!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

I love treats!!!

Sorry for not posting for awhile I find it hard in the holidays to find a moment to do this...can't think for all the noise!!!

Yesterday Colin and I went on a 'treat night'. Friends of ours had tickets to see Tommy Emmanuel an acoustic gutarist who is awsome. My favourite song was Ruby's Eyes but the two most amazing ones are called Initiation (a long clip but amazing what he does with a guitar) and Mombassa and take a look at this!

Saturday, 7 April 2007

happy easter...

hope you are having a good weekend... I have had a very non productive week craftwise BUT today has been good. Jamie and Phoebe were going to a friends party and I wanted to make her a little album so I made this pink handbag...I know it is not that original but I think it is cute and only took the evening (about 1-2 hours)

Well this party was at a pottery place called Pottery Pals at Holme Grange (really nice staff they have taken over from the previous people and could not be more helpful)....mmm! yes what a good idea.... while the children were upstairs being entertained I sat downstairs for a blissful 1 1/2 hours painting pottery. I was on a mission.....

Last week I bought this beautiful teapot for my mum for her birthday. You know when you get just the right thing. I was so pleased. The next day I heard a dull thud and went into the kitchen to find Lucia had thrown the box on the guess it was broken...the handle had broken off. ( I was absolutely devastated) I quickly re-ordered it only to find out that it had been the last in stock. I searched and searched the internet but nothing was anywhere near what I wanted.

Then I had a brain wave... i decided to paint my own... a slightly different pattern but similar colours. I will show you when I have collected it. I was really pleased with how it turned out...
Just turned out to be a rather expensive teapot!!! Never mind i wanted my mum to have the best because she is special.

I am going to stick the handle on the other teapot and put it in my studio and store something scrapping in will always remind me of my mum and Lucia's throwing habit!!!

Friday, 6 April 2007

good friday moments....

I really enjoyed today bc....
* the sun was shining and it was really warm outside
* we had a full roast dinner and ate in the garden
* all my family were there (except Jo my sister in law...missed you)
* my brother was here (he usually is abroad)
* the children loved hunting their eggs
* seeing them all sitting round the little patio set we bought with some of the money Colin's parents sent for easter presents

* watching lucia experience her first easter where she new what was going on......get me to the chocolate!!
* I tried out a new pudding and it was truely delish..."mile high toffee and peacan cheesecake" own recipe
* just had fun chillin'
* Mum and Dad gave children 'easter bags' with little easter stories in them which we read tonight. Nice to have a balance between fun easter and the real meaning of easter.

Hope you have a lovely Easter!

Will post later this weekend about...Easter and jellybeans....:)
Don't eat too much chocolate!!! LOL!
By the way Green and Blacks truffle filled eggs are gorgeous!!

Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Well normally I get really stressed with school holidays as all the children are off and we only have a tiny house but this time I decided to try and have a fun (nearly) stress free holiday...

These help me a lot...

1. Don't worry if the house is not that tidy
2. Don't rush around doing lots of activities
3. Spend time just chilling on the sofa with a dvd WITH the children
4. Remember that simple games like hunt the egg can actually last a long time if they have a go
5. Play games with the children
6. Do challenges like "lets see if we can build a lego tower that is bigger than you"...(actually it reached the ceiling!!!)
7. Remember that FUN doesn't have to cost lots of money or involve going out of your house
8. Get out in the garden and enjoy spring, weed , plant seeds, sort, tidy, play.....
9. Keep a diary of what you do ...things that were said...achievements,
10. Do lots of crazy things...things that make you laugh! Things you wouldn't normally do...go on

I will post some photos later...really need a cuppa right now, been a busy, crazy day!!!

Sunday, 1 April 2007

funny funny...

today we had friends Alex and Ivane round for lunch. After lunch Jamie disappeared upstairs..after a while he came down with *Ivane* made from lego. He had copied her clothes , shoes and hair! He then went away again and after a while came back with an *Alex* lego man, again with same colour clothes and shoes...even down to the beard! We just all fell about laughing and telling him how amazing he was.

(Friday when my friend Verity came round he had done the same thing)

So I thought maybe I will do a legoman guest book. I wished afterwards I had taken a photo of the real alex and ivane to put them next to each other!!