Wednesday, 28 February 2007

inspired by...

lots of people have asked me what inspires are a few people or sites (who are not as well known) which are giving me lots of inspiration. I am always insripre by the big name scrappers but I wanted to feature some less well known people...
I like the diversity of each person featured and the different approaches they have.

Jenni Bowlin...lovely kits and the simple vintage look

Moopy and aussie designer (don't think she is a scrapper) but such cute little designs and use of colour

Jools..oh she does clean and simple just like I like it...full of colour but with lots of impact

2Peas never know what you might see!

I like to shop at:

Artbase I like the speed and courtesy they have in ringing you up if they are out of stock of something. Also they do Creating Keepsake on a monthly dd order rather than a yearly subscription.

Banana Frog ... great name, lovely clear stamps and unusual papers

Paperarts Use them a little they have new stash in quite quickly

This is just a quick list...I might add more lalter...anyway if you have a good website or artist who inspires you then please make a comment... I always LOVE new ideas!!! :)

All credit for art featured goes to Jenni Bowlin, Carly Schwerdt and Jools

Tuesday, 27 February 2007


Was looking through my scanned LO's and found the colours and the photos. And it uses 10 photos!!! Beat that :) What's the most photos you have scrapped on one 12x12?
I feel a challenge to find out....

Monday, 26 February 2007


found this funnuy quote about tea in a book I'm reading called "Blue Shoes and Happiness" by Alexander Mc Call Smith. It descride life at the moment for me..busy and demanding.

(it is about an african lady who is a lady detective)

"That was part of being a woman, she thought: one never reached the end. Even if one could sit down and drink a cup of bush tea, even two cups, one always knew at the end of the tea there was somebody waiting for something. Children or men were waiting to be fed; a dirty floor cried out to be washed; a crumpled skirt called for an iron. And so it would continue. Tea was a temporary solution to the cares of the world, although it certainly helped.

Most problems could be diminished by the drinking of tea and the thinking through of things that could be done while the tea was being drunk. And even if that did not resolve the problems, at least it could put them off for a little while, which we sometimes needed to do, we really did."

I love it...its so right, sometimes when we are having a stressful day or week just a 5 min *tea break* to take stock, reflect and unwind can do the world of put your feet up and have a good cuppa what ever kind and where ever you may be!!! :)
Picture is of my fav little tea pot bought on holiday in Tenby in Wales and it reminds me of my daughter Elisha (or Ellie as we used to call her) and i love the mug bc it matches!!

Saturday, 24 February 2007

my friend sarah...

this is my friend Sarah with her friend Kelly (Sarah is on the right)...the children call her *tall Sarah*......she is funny, kind hearted, great babysitter, is stupidly resisting scrapbooking, (why?) but she's into knitting (longest piece she has knitted was 26 feet!!) and makes gorgeous jewelry.
She has always wanted a party with lots of tonight her wish came true...she had a pudding party (such a girly thing!!) complete with party games. The children were so excited to be going bc in their words *Sarah has such cool parties*! Happy Birthday Sarah!! Thanks for letting us join in.

Friday, 23 February 2007

just scrapping..

Finally this week I got to do some scrapping. I met up with my good friends Di and Ruth...such fun just chatting and scrapping 'till late. My mission was to complete 2 lo's...which I managed to do. I always feel so much better when I finish something. :)
The one of Lucia I had planned to use a blue snow paper and just put the pink paper (it was christmas paper with a star pattern on it but I thought it could pass as snow) in my bag just in case...good thing I did, the blue paper looked awful. (Note to myself...don't always go for the most obvious colour...experiment)
I like both of them but l *love love love* the one of Jamie it came out better that I thought it would. Funny my last few lo's have been on white card...mmm....I just really like the simplicity and purity of the white seems to make the other colours just sing.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

just too gorgeous!!!

How can they do it to me...bringing out FOUR new ranges...* Phoebe* *Perhaps* *Stella Ruby* and *Scarlet Letter*.... I can't take it. Check out basic greys new paper ranges at 2 Peas
Help Ive not used my *Blush* paper yet!!!


of our day in the Isle of Wight....getting up at 6am to get the 8:10 ferry...excited children on the ferry...watching the sun come up...reflections in the harbour.... Bekah trying to get some sleep... seeing Uncle Bob and Aunty Brenda....sausages and mash for lunch yum...Ewan not feeling well with tonsillitis...visiting Aunty Shelia and cousin Simon where Jamie played with a moving "Homar Simpson Santa"(no pics).....watching over the hedge.....going to Ryde to the beach and tragedy forgetting the camera!!!...seeing the most beautiful double rainbow over the sea....running in the waves...falling over and getting wet (thank goodness for Muddy Puddles waterproofs!!)....making a face in the sand....walking along the beach and collecting treasures....finding little caves at the end of the beach under the rocks....having a birthday tea with pink blancmange jelly, cakes, sandwiches, pink wafers and crisps (kids loved it!) for Bekah who was thirty that day.... getting home at 9pm very tired but happy.
Happy Birthday Bekah!!!! Hope you had a nice day bc we did.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

fun stuff...

this week all the stuff I do is centred around the children bc if I don't there is anarchy or zombie children who have had too much tv!! Ewan has not been well so we have been confined to the house mostly. But this is what we have been doing....all of our activities have been centred around chinese new year.
We have made dragons, money envelopes, eaten noodles, made fortune cookies (minus the fortunes!!), painted dragon pictures, made origami pigs and tonight we are combining pancake night and chinese new year and we are having crispy duck pancakes and a load of yummy chinese food followed by pancakes with sugar and lemon.
Look at these sites for activities about chinese new year:

Sunday, 18 February 2007

catch up

been so busy this weekend I have not had time to blog...oh no!!
The ball was fantastic!! Unfortunately all the photos of me and Colin are on other peoples cameras!! When I get them I will post them up.
The atmosphere was fantastic...the band from the very first song had everyone fact the dance floor was definitely too small!
The food was gorgeous, so tasty and beutifully presented.
Most importantly the charity auction was really sucessful. We were raising money for an orphnage in Malawi. Apparently 10p can feed a child in Malawi for a day! We were able to raise over £7,000, which was double what they were anticipating.

Today we have had friends, Emma and Dan round for lunch...they are such fun to be with..thanks for a good day.

This week is half term so I know that a) no scrapping will get done and b) I may not have time to blog....but I have some cool activities planned so watch this space.

Funny thing LOADS of people said to me today at church..oh have you got new glasses (i got them before christmas) Amazing what a new hairstyle will do.

Friday, 16 February 2007

feeling so pampered...

Today is the day of the Valentines Ball!! Ooooh so excited!! Normally I don't have much time to get ready but today I have been really lucky to have friends who have made my day special.

Susie has done a beautiful job with my nails, purple to match my jewelry, with a little dimonte daisy!!
Jules has done a gorgeous hair cut for me. I needed a whole re-style and had 5" cut off!!!
Thank you both soooo much!!!

I will post pics up tomorrow of me in my outfit wit Colin of course!! Have a good friday...just off to sort the kids out hope I don't chip my nails!!!

Thursday, 15 February 2007

happy today bc...

I was thinking today about achievements and getting things done...especially when other things in life aren't going to plan.
I set myself some goals this week:
*to reach the bottom of my washing basket
*tidy the junk in the lounge
* make cakes with the children for the school cake sale on friday

Ok... not life shattering goals but do you know what? Sometimes it is good to celebrate small achievements because they help us to feel happier and more positive about life.
This week I have had two children of sick (so that means three at home) normally I would get stressed but because I have *achieved something* I have been much more calm!! Yey! :)
(Photos are of my nice neat washing pile, yummy cakes decorated by Pheobe, Indian marriage door curtain found whilst tidying up, tidy more junk)
I have had an idea for a mini book about this so when I have the time to do it I will post it up...mmm you could be waiting awhile...why don't you do one and post it!! Title: 'Happy Today Because'...

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

such romantics....

The men in my house are such romantics...I love it. Jamie got a valentines cookie from his *girlfriend/wife* Maddy. (it depends on the day) So he made her a carda and covered it in kisses, then he made a chocolate heart and decorated it. There is a picture of them on their *wedding day* so sweet!!!

Colin got me such a lovely card..he is always good at choosing ones with lovely messages in. Love you very much Colin xxx. On friday we are going to a Valentines Charity Ball which is going to be such fun..i love valentines day. :)

Monday, 12 February 2007

demolition crew move in...

Poor Phoebe did have a tidy room ...until Ewan and Lucia decided to 'play' in it (well it is Lucia's room too) It always makes me laugh how Ewan likes to play with Polly Pocket and Phoebes make-up doll. I think it is all the little people. He loves making them talk to each other. Lots of imagination...
Oh well I suppose I had better go and 'encourage' them both too tidy up!!!

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Phoebes doodles...

While I was out yesterday Phoebe was being creative herself. this is her 'sweet -n- sassy styl' How cool is that. I just love her creative nature.
Poor Lucia has not been well today (bad tummy bug) so I missed church again :( I just love is always so inspiring and uplifting.
I did manage to escape this evening and go to the prayer meeting which was awsome... as usual. I was reminded that church is not a building but the people meeting in it to worship God.
Music was lead by Tim Brown. (He hasn't recorded anything yet but when he does it will be good. Sounds a bit like these artists:)
Hillsong (I love this song 'All for Love' it puts my life right in perspective)