Friday, 6 April 2007

good friday moments....

I really enjoyed today bc....
* the sun was shining and it was really warm outside
* we had a full roast dinner and ate in the garden
* all my family were there (except Jo my sister in law...missed you)
* my brother was here (he usually is abroad)
* the children loved hunting their eggs
* seeing them all sitting round the little patio set we bought with some of the money Colin's parents sent for easter presents

* watching lucia experience her first easter where she new what was going on......get me to the chocolate!!
* I tried out a new pudding and it was truely delish..."mile high toffee and peacan cheesecake" own recipe
* just had fun chillin'
* Mum and Dad gave children 'easter bags' with little easter stories in them which we read tonight. Nice to have a balance between fun easter and the real meaning of easter.

Hope you have a lovely Easter!

Will post later this weekend about...Easter and jellybeans....:)
Don't eat too much chocolate!!! LOL!
By the way Green and Blacks truffle filled eggs are gorgeous!!

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