Monday, 16 April 2007

change of plan!!!

Saw these on the way to school this morning...just loved their vibrant colour!!!

Was really enjoying today..first day back after the holiday...time to tidy up, sort out the washing, clean...get the house back in order. I had to meet up with a friend to plan the programme for Sunbeams (toddler group) which was lovely.
Had a sneak peak at the photos from the party from saturday (such a great one of me in my outfit and a gret one of Colin) I was helping Liz do the photo box album when suddenly it lost everthing new that had been done....not good. we manage to remember what had been changed.

Come home and get a phone call to say the school has been shut...apparently there is no water!!! oh well no tidying this afternoon!! :)


Marie R said...

Hi Rachel, I'm Stephanie Charman's mum. She told me to have a look at you site and I love it, very inspiring. You have the most stunningly beautiful children. Although we have never met it is down to you that I got into this craft 'thing', starting with cards, progressing to scrapbooking, which I love and now mini albums and all things altered.
Bank manager isn't too impressed!

Stephanie M + Z are coming here in May, I think she just wants to raid my stash so will have to put a lock on my craft room door!

I love the photo of the tulips, such a vibrant colour, reminding us of how beautiful and joyful this time of year should be.


Anonymous said...

Glad you like it!!