Thursday, 20 September 2007

totally awsome...stunning...amazing

what a show! From the moment we walked in we knew it was going to be good. The set was fantastic, there were tree roots growing out from the stage covering some of the ceiling and boxes right up to where we were sitting (on the front row of the 'grand circle' as Emma said anything with grand in it make you feel really posh!)
The stage revolved and as the play progressed different parts would move up and down creating different effects...really clever. The whole space was used as elves came down from the ceiling, orks were on these bouncy shoes and did acrobatic movements, ents were on huge stilts and the Dark Riders were on stilts as well and were so cleverly done. I wont tell you every thing as it would spoilt it if you wanted to go. I would highly recommend was visually stunning and the story was cleverly told. The musical aspect was different from the usual musical numbers and was an enhancement woven through the story rather than part of the dialogue as in most musicals.

The restaurant was fantastic...quick delicious and so funky. I had Thai Green curry pizza which was so gorgeous. Definitely recommend the Fire and Stone too.......actually I noticed they are doing 'Show and Meal' deals for Lord of the Rings why not check it out!!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

sooo excited...

we are off to see Lord of the Rings musical in London tonight!! We have always said that if there was a musical of lotr we would go...the we saw the Times doing a special offer- 4 tickets for £99!! We have front row grand circle tickets and are going with Dan and Emma some really good friend of ours. I know it is going to be awesome.
We are going up early and having dinner at Fire and Emma said we have to go there as it is a really Gothic name for a restaurant!!
Must go and finish tidying up and think of what to wear!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Stripping back....

Well it was while i was taking the tiles off the floor that got me beautiful things look when you start taking away all the rubbish and extra unnecessary parts. They have a simple uncomplicated beauty which is so attractive.

I would be quite happy sanding the floor and painting it white bc I love the way things look in their original state. (too late I had already bought the flooring, which will look good in a different way)

I started applying this to my daily life. What things can I strip back to make it more simple and uncomplicated. What are the things I want to keep and what things can I so without...good question.

I cram so many things into a day that it make my head spin and that is not good!!! So I have been trying to slow down thins week and think things though a bit more...trying to think about the repercussions of a given course of action on me and my family.....

On the whole apart from one or two days life has been much calmer! I did decide to do a detox of caffeine this week as well so I was quite grumpy at the beginning of the week which was probably not such good timing (much to Stephanie's amusement!) But I can say the I am feeling much better and less grumpy (what IS that coffee and tea doing to me :( ! )

So we will see....can I keep this uncomplicated life up...according to Colin No! but I will have a good try!!!!

Phoebe with her new haircut, no front teeth and new stripy legging under her skirt (latest fashion and oh so proud of them)

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


no! not back to basics.... back to blogging!!! Yey! I have sooo missed doing my blog but it was nealy impossible to do over the holidays...there was always someone on the computer or doing something they shouldn't be doing or wanting me to do something. Hectic and crazy!

So this is why I like today ....

*back to school for Jamie and Phoebe

* back to routine for everyone...(sigh of relief from Colin)

* back to the cleaning and washing (*sigh* from me...not that I have had a break from it over the summer but at least I can get some done!)

* back to cropping...yey! a crop this week Thursday night at Yateley Manor School 7:30

* back to normality!

* and most of all back to blogging!

I was going through my holiday photos and I loved this one taken at The Lookout in Bracknell on Bank Holiday Monday by Colin.

To me it shows how crazy my live is. Sometimes I feel as if I am on a roundabout spinning round and round without being able to get off but while I am spinning and in the middle of the chaos I can have fun with my children. I can offer them a fun packed full live, living it to the edge but with the security and support they need. That is what being a mum is to me.