Thursday, 26 April 2007

'Time is not money,

Time is more valuable'

I found this quote today when I was looking for something else and I really liked it. I always find Thursdays a rush bc I have Sunbeams (toddler group) in morning, pre-school and school run in afternoon and work to get packed up for in the evening. I always seem to be rushing.

Today it was like *time* was slow, allowing me to do what I needed without rushing. I made a few changes to create time, like pack the car for work the night before when it wasn't a rush, put the dinner in the slow cooker before I went to school, put the washing in the night before, I went to Fleet for something and instead of staying I came back and got a few things done before the school run.

Do you know what I really liked....not rushing around in the time after school, preparing dinner...I had time to talk with the children and listen...

'Time is not money. Time is more valuable'.......make your time count for the important things like the people in your life.

I took these the other day and I am working on a layout for one of them from the transparency class I did tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. You can't put a price on time.