Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Well normally I get really stressed with school holidays as all the children are off and we only have a tiny house but this time I decided to try and have a fun (nearly) stress free holiday...

These help me a lot...

1. Don't worry if the house is not that tidy
2. Don't rush around doing lots of activities
3. Spend time just chilling on the sofa with a dvd WITH the children
4. Remember that simple games like hunt the egg can actually last a long time if they have a go
5. Play games with the children
6. Do challenges like "lets see if we can build a lego tower that is bigger than you"...(actually it reached the ceiling!!!)
7. Remember that FUN doesn't have to cost lots of money or involve going out of your house
8. Get out in the garden and enjoy spring, weed , plant seeds, sort, tidy, play.....
9. Keep a diary of what you do ...things that were said...achievements,
10. Do lots of crazy things...things that make you laugh! Things you wouldn't normally do...go on

I will post some photos later...really need a cuppa right now, been a busy, crazy day!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
Those comments are so took me a fair few years to realise that if you teach your children that holidays are about being busy,busy,busy then thats what they expect.I now take the same approach as you and we try to do a couple of special things a week and then the rest of the time,they play,garden,paint,watch a dvd WITH mum,go to the park etc.
I think there was so much pressure from school friends who said they were off on holiday to America for Easter or Centerparcs or they went out everyday and did something new that I felt my kids were missing out.Now I've realised that its not true and that some of those parents who do that...put their kids into clubs whilst on holiday and still don't spend any time with them!
I'd rather they were happy AND with me for their holidays.

Have fun and remember to chill
Bridget xx