Friday, 29 August 2008

topsy turvy

each summer holiday the children choose the theme for a day where we do thinngs a bit differently. This year the theme is "backwards and topsy turvy". The ideas behind this was to have a bit of fun and allow the children freedom to be creative.

We began the day with dinner....pudding first of course! We drank our yoghurts with a straw (that kept them very quiet!!!) then cake and after that sausage and beans...which they were all too full too finish.

Then it was bath time and getting dressed. I laughed and so did the children. Jamie took it literally and put his PJ's on his legs (which kept falling down) and his trousers on his arms and an extra pair of pants on his head. Ewan did the same and they were running around clutching their "trousers" until Jamie had a brain wave....put another pair of pants on top and hey presto the new trousers stay up!!

We have a few more things to do today I will update later.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

just popping in...

Cousins annual photo shoot!

Phoebe and Callum

Andy and Pippa

Lucia peeping through a hole

Phoebe posing

The new cast of Dr Who!

I was looking back over my photos for the summer and found a few which I thought were fun. We have been clearing the hard disc on the computer so I have had very little time to blog. Also every time I come to use the computer one of the children is playing games on it, so I had to give up on blogging for a while.

I have been sorting the house out and making VERY slow progress. There is so much that needs sorting out after ths children have been home all summer!!

One little thing I did with them this year was make them each a little art bag (and one for me) I stocked it with a sketch book , pencils, paints and a coloured pencil roll. My bag has other things like pastels, charcoal, inks and different size brushes. It was lovely to see what they produced when given really nice equipment. We took the bags out on holiday and if they got board in the museums we sat down and drew things we saw.

Phoebe is away on camp this week so I am taking the opportunity of having a "spare " room and using her room to sort things out. Better get on!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


there is an extra crop on this Thursday (7th) because it is my birthday week. 7-10 at Yateley Manor School in the drama studio.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

holidays are here...

I have been knee deep in children, sorting and creating. So many things going on that my poor blogging site has seen no activity. There have been a few minor things which have kept me away from the computer....children playing games on the computer, no room on the hard disk (too many photos) so I cant download any of my new photos and my camera is broken (sob).

Yes that is my new camera...I had see a great shot , whipped my camera out and a very eager Jamie grabbed my arm to tell me something and.....crash down went my camera on the concrete! I can still take photos but my LCD screen is ruined and won't work so I have to sqint through the view finder which, with glasses, is always a challenge.

With the sunshine has come a desire to clear out things...starting with the garage. It has taken 7 boot loads to the dump to clear most of it and two trips to the charity shop. I have not even started on the loft!!!

When I have downloaded my new photos I will show you some of the activities I ahve been doing withthe children...involving sewing.