Thursday, 31 May 2007

sunshine through rain....

I have had one of those days today where everything that could go wrong went wrong....last night we found that our mot had not been renewed and the tax disc was due today!

Not normally a problem but it is half term and tomorrow we are going to Paultons Park with my parents mmm...not good! After a quick ring round I found no one had any free MOT slots :( ...then I noticed an ad for a garage in Woking I had used before and thought aaah I was going to see my parents anyway so I will drop the chilldren off and then the car and have a cuppa while I wait.

Good plan except..the car failed on emissions (slightly) and needed some work done on it B4 they would give me the MOT... but I had to leave it over night with them...leaving me well stranded!

So finally made it home at 7 pm after waiting for Colin to pick us up (fortunately Phoebe was at a friends!!) So exhausted I open the door and here is the sunshine bit....

There on the doormat was a box of Kazoo Kids chipboard pieces, which I absolutely love!!!!

Thank you sooo much Marie! It really made my day and put a smile on my face!

I love the way God works little things out so that there is maximum impact. Stephanie had come round to drop it off but just missed me so I got the present when I needed it the most! Amazing!

So have a great weekend we are off to Paultons Park tomorrow no matter what...rain, I will take lots of photos and post them up.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

tea, wax and pirates...

I have been really busy this week and have not had any time to annoying! So I thought I would fill you in on what I have been doing.
I am in the middle of planning Jamie's Pirate party and the first big job was the invitations. My first idea was to roll them up and put them in a bottle but I needed too many I stained some paper with a tea bag and then printed the invitation onto it.
I burnt around the edge by holding it above a candle...I did several at a time but you need a damp cloth to gently extinguish any flames!!! (my whole house smelt of smoke)
I then folded it up and sealed it with a blob of wax. I tried to make a seal in the wax with a metal stamp but I didn't have the proper sealing wax. I melted a candle in a saucepan and dribbled it on with a spoon.
I was really pleased with how they came out and think they LOOK SO COOL!!!
Most importantly Jamie likes them! :)

I love doing things like this and the child went home and said "its even on real pirate paper" another mum said it was the best party invitation they had ever received.

Now, I have always felt the pressure to do the *big party thing* at a play centre or hire a hall and entertainer and I just don't have the money to do it...but do you know what I secretly love doing my own thing!!!
I have always liked being different and I want my children to know that being unique can be is always a risk but definitely worth it !!!
Also I have found this website full of ideas, check it out next time you have a party.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

fav things today....

I was just thinking today about lovely little things I have just acquired or seen ( as I have had no time or energy to be creative!)
Felt flowers from Woolworth's (£1.99) I thought they were cute....
Wire basket from Snip in Fleet (50p!!!) I bought it without knowing what it was for..I love aged things
Glass jars (Avon from a car boot sale £1 each) ...loved the design on the tops very art nouveau
Flowers in the field...thank goodness for some sunshine today as there has been so much rain every thing has gone mad in my garden!!!
Have a lovely day and tell me what new things you have just bought....

Monday, 21 May 2007

How do you beat the housework blues?

Ok tday is Monday my official housework day...clear up from the weekend, catch up on washing, cleaning....BUT I HATE HOUSEWORK!!! I need little incentives to keep me going.....]

1. Nice cup of coffee
2. Chocolate biscuit
3. Music
4. Chance to do something nice the next day....

Honestly I like it when my house is tidy but I don't really like the process!!

What things do you do to help you get the housework done?

back in a bit with some photos just got to finish the hoovering :(

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Wonder Pet Party

Ewan and Lucia were invited to their friends *Wonder Pet Party*. Ewan dressed up as a frog (I know its not strictly wonder pet but he liked it) Lucia was a cute!!!
The cake was fantastic and the attention to detail..even the cups had homemade wonder pet stickers on them.
I was lovely to see my two youngest at a party and mixing with other children. They both enjoyed the bouncy castle and Ewan found a new game throwing the ball out and an adult throwing it in. The bubbles kept ewan occupied for a long time and I realised he can now hold the bottle without tipping all the bubble mixture out.He did run a few people over with the motorised car. Lucia managed to get a few of the dads to help her with things...that girl is NOT shy!!
More photos to come when I have downloaded them...

Friday, 18 May 2007

appreciate life....

I have been thinking about this, this week. How often do we take the little thing for granted? To me the most important things in life are the people in my life.
Sometimes life can be so busy that we don't spend time with our family or appreciate them and value them as we should....

This week my oldest daughter Elisha would have been 9 years old (the same birthday as Jamie my oldest son) ...I wish I had had more time to do things with her but she did teach me the value of enjoying simple things.

Also as the hunt for Madeline continues I am reminded to appreciate each day as it comes and to continue to pray for her to be found.

Take time this weekend to do some silly, funny, crazy, happy, quiet, thoughtful things with the ones you love and remember the simple things are always the best and to a child there is no such thing as *quality time* only *TIME*

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

any suggestions...

Colin and myself have been invited to a *super heros and villians party* in a few weeks.
Any suggestions for who we could go as?

Who would you go as if you were invited?

Or if you could be a super hero for a day who would you be and why?

Monday, 14 May 2007

"Creativity is a lifestyle, not simply an activity.Let it expand you!

I read this quote on Ali Edwards blog (one of 10 things) from a magazine called Body & Soul and I really liked it.

It is so you look at things and appreciate colour, pattern, texture and shape?

Do you save things that might look nice on a scrapbook page?

Does your creative nature spill over into other areas of your life?

i like the fact that my creativity is not something that is in a is something that I can acess throughout the day...something that defines me!

Celebrate this and open your eyes to the world around creative and enjoy the process not just what you produce...don't be afraid to try something new!!!

(artwork today I found as I was surfing the net ...just like the colour and design)

Have fun today just creating....

Sunday, 13 May 2007

what is on your wish list?

Sometimes I see things and I think ooh that looks nice and I put it in a little list in my head....
What scrapping things have you see that you are drooling over right now?
My main one is a Cricut
Others are:
Back to Nature stamps by Rhonna Farrer
Wooden Prima flowers
Perfectly Clear book (about stamping)
Kazoo Kids stuff
let me know what you have seen so we can share new products!!

Friday, 11 May 2007

lovely stash...

here is some NEW things I will be bringing tomorrow in my little shop to the Odiham crop. They only came this week so you are the first to get to see them.It is all exclusive Jenni Bowlin and up till now she has only sold it in can buy it from her website but I have saved you the hassle! (I have not shown all the papers and some of the journalling cards.)
These mini papers are reduced versions of the 12x12 ones and are so lovely that I have made a mini book for the class tomorrow using them. I have co-ordinated the the black papers with blue, green or pink and the red papers with cream or red. The mini books are 4 inches (10cm) square and you will need 5-6 photos 3 inches (or 7-9 cm) I have done mine in black and white to make it easier. Mine is about the things one of my children does and says so I have called it "You Do You Say" (sorry there is no picture camera batteries are flat!!)
I have only got limited numbers for this class so it will be first come first serve.
See you tomorrow.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

still here!!!

no I have not gone away...just busy and recovering from a busy weekend. Just to let you know I;'ve got my parcel from Jenni Bowlin so I will give you a sneak peak tomorrow of all the gorgeous stash and the class i'm doing at the Saturday crop 12th at Odiham with her cute mini papers...see you tomorrow.....

Saturday, 5 May 2007

wish i could scrap...

having a stressy night with children not going to sleep!! They are all in the same room bc Colins parents are staying and it is not working!!
I thought I would put them to bed one after the other but Ewan decided to get in Lucias cot and woke her up! I was NOT at 9:15 I still have 4 children awake..although it does seem to have gone quiet! No chance for scrapping :(

Thursday, 3 May 2007

finally finished

I finally finished the layout from the transfer class. I stamped with Rhona Farrer Flourishes, painted chipboard letter from QVC pack and used new Crate paper. I wrote this poem , which I wrote, with a white 'sharpie' pen.
I love to blow
and see them fly
fly on the wind
going high
high in the sky
blow again
make a wish
I wish for.....
Ewan April 2007
I have my lovely in-laws coming to stay so I might not have much time for blogging over this weekend. have a good May Day!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

little things in life...

CK online have this great challenge today about the little things in life.

What are the little things in life that you just love, things that make your day, put a smile on your face....check out the challenge then post me if you do it....

My 20 things are (no preference order)....

1. The colour red..has to be deep rich red

2. Smell of damp earth after it has rained

3. Children in fits of giggles over the Dr. Suess story 'Too Many Daves'

4. Sun dried sheets

5. Fresh warm brownies and a nice coffee

6. A curry and bottle of wine with Colin

7. Flowers

8. Cool evening breeze on a summers night

9. Stillness of early morning and sunrise (little children mean this happens!!)

10. Drift wood

11. Fabric especially beautiful textures or colours

12. Dresses over jeans bc they cover my imperfections!!!

13. People who say thank you

14. A letter or a card through the post

15. Children playing contentedly

16. An empty laundry basket

17. Walking the children to school

18. A good book to read

19. An invite out to a meal or party

20. Hearing the children shout 'daddy' when Colin comes home from work (he gets mobbed)

Not sure if I will have time to do it tonight but hopefully sometime this week!!