Thursday, 29 November 2007

sweet moment

ewan and lucia were fighting today over who could wear the camel outfit!!! I had bought some dressing up clothes for Sunbeams and one of them was a camel...which is sooo cute. I took some photos of Lucia wearing it before the batteries in the camera went flat but Ewan was the funniest. he wore it to the school when I went to pick up Jamie and Phoebe. All along the way was 'ooh how cute' , then we went into town and everyone kept looking or commenting on how cute he was. We were going to get passport photos for me and the girls and the photographer (Kevin Wibley...really good photographer) was in stitches over Ewan and his camel costume and said we had made his day!!!

Monday, 26 November 2007

I am here really!!!

No I have not vanished in a puff of smoke. I am here really. I have have rather a busy month with no time to blog. Boo hoo!!

But I have made some fun stuff...yeh! Finally I got a chance to create...Colin went away for the weekend with some friends (a very deserved break for him) and while he was away I burned the midnight oil creating some fab Christmas decorations for a craft fair. I didnt sell much at the craft fair but Stephanie and some of the other teachers at Pre-school made up for it! Thank you ladies as I was beginning to think no-one liked it! there is some lovely things still left but not for long!
Here is a peak at some of the things I made...

Sunday, 4 November 2007

{today I love}

so many good things to love today.....

* new venue for church. Kings International College. We are now in a 600 seater sports hall! wow! it was awesome to be there this morning. We began the service with celebrations (chocolates) as we came in and then party poppers! Worship (music) was fantastic
I help with creche and we have the most fabulous hall with loads of space, beautiful wooden floor, light airy space which the children can run around in.
Coffee was served in the 'cyber cafe' after the service (what a cool name) normally they use about four pints of milk today it was 12!

* sofa had had it! It was still comfortable but the arms had ripped and the throw was not quite big enough and kept falling off (or being pulled off!) so I have been keeping an eye out on freecycle and a red sofa came up. Colin went to collect it today and it is lovely!
If you don't know about freecycle I will explain.....
Freecycle is an internet based recycling project. You sign up and then when you want to get rid of something you post it on the website and someone will come and claim it! It is a great way of recycling rather than taking stuff to the dump and filling landfill sites.

* Sharing lunch with friends. We had some friends for lunch and it was great to just chill out and chat.