Monday, 25 December 2006

Merry Christmas!!!!

The fantasctic thing about being at Colin's parents is, I don't have to cook Christmas dinner...which means I can chill out a bit.
After staying up till 1am wrapping presents, we had a shock when the children all managed to wake each other up at 4am....they were sent straight back to bed and didn't re-emerge until about 8...phew much more civilised!!!
They were very VERY excited. Jamie sounded like he had been on helium...his voice was getting higher and higher. They rushed down stairs and chose one present from "santa" to bring back upstairs. then they had breakfast (much to my amusement...very restrained wouldn't you say!)
After that it was full steam ahead with serious present opening.

Lucia went all healthy and along with her sweets and chocolates decided that "rudolph's" carrot would be nice!!
We went to see "old" granny, and made her day. she was so pleased to see all the great-grandchildren.

Looking forward to a lovely Christmas dinner so want to wish everyone a

merry christmas from the Saunders!!!

Saturday, 23 December 2006

Long Day!!!

Today we travelled up to lLiverpool to visit Colin's parents. We have come to the conclusion that due to traffic and frayed tempers travelling with children after 10am becomes more and more stressful as the journey continues, so we have come up with a good solution....leave early in the morning! Simple...

Only Colin is not a morning person! He has now come round to my mad plan of getting up at 5:15 and leaving by 6am. It means we beat the awful traffic and the children sometimes sleep but are always quite good tempered until about 10 am by which time we are nearly there.

Apart from missing a turning and Lucia throwing up when we were nearly there the journey went well....and there was lots of fog. Jamie was really pleased because he could read the FOG signs on the motor way. We did see a road sign flashing which said "animal on the road". Only saw some police holding something on the grass bank, so we don't know what animal it was.
children were so pleased to see their granny and grandad, aunty Kath and uncle Paul.

All of them are asleep now except stoppy madame Lucia who looks set to stay up longer than us!!

Friday, 22 December 2006

Time Out

Did I get the things on my list done...what do you think?!!! We had a lovely time with Aunty Meg. She braved the thick fog and brought christmas presents for all of us.

After a busy somewhat stressful day it was lovely to go out with some girlfriends to the cinema. We saw "Holiday". It was a lovely , romantic, cheesy, feel-good film. (Jude Law was actually playing a nice guy for a change)
Jules, with her little comments and Liz with her hysterical giggling added to the fun of the evening. Thanks Roey, Jem, Ness, Jules and Liz for a fun night out. I really needed it!!

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Aim for today:
Reduce the massive pile of washing!!
Keep on top of the destructive mess created by the children.
Start packing
Dream of scrapbooking!!!! (lets face it... it is not going to happen)
Visit Katie and the boys
Hopefully Aunty Meg is coming.
Not much...a quiet day as usual!
Tuesday was lovely as we went to see the Nativity play performed outside and in a barn at Wintershall Estate. It brings it all to life as the whole play is performed by adults and children. The "baby Jesus" was so cute.
The star of the show was definitely the sheep!! As everyone came in the barn and sat down the choir started gently singing silent night. At the end of nearly every line the one sheep did a baa! It was so well timed that it made everyone fall about laughing!!
What I liked was that it reminded me that the nativity is not this clean pretty picture. Jesus was born in a dirty stable. His visitors were not friends and family but rough sheperds and wise kings. How amazing
A line from Phoebe's school play went something like this: Jesus was born in a dirty tatty stall. You wonder why a stable. It isn't all that odd, you don't have to be special to be valuable to God.

How wonderful that the King of kings identified himself with the most ordinary people to show that no one need be excluded. Everyone is special to God no matter social standing, education or wealth. What a lovely thing to remember this christmas

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

It now feels like Christmas!!! There have been so many christmas parties and events it has left my head in a spin.
Last saturday we watched Phoebe perform in the Nutcracker. She was one of the mice and a flower fairy. She was so excited as this is her favourite ballet music. She worked very hard a looked beautiful.

Jamie was a little pig in his Christmas play (Jolly Christmas Postman) and had to do "whats the time Mr Wolf"

Ewan and Lucia went to the Little Steps Christmas party and met "real" father christmas. He had a real beard!! Ewan also dressed up as a sheep and looked really cute!

Best Laid Plans

I thought today was all sorted out. In the evening we are going to watch a Nativity play outdoors. Colin was going from work and meeting us there....until I realised he has my keys!! Whoops. It makes me laugh when this sort of thing happens because life never seems to go to plan.
Only one hour before my peace is shattered...suppose i'd better get some housework done.

Monday, 18 December 2006

Nearly There

This is my life at the moment! I seem to be rushing from one thing to the next. Looking forward to the schools breaking up and spending some time with my children. I really want to do some Christmas things with them...baking and using loads of glitter. (not together...would make interesting cookies) Mind you after 2 days I will probably be looking forward to them going back to school. The noise and devestation level in the house goes through the roof. You have to laugh otherwise you would cry LOL
I had this cool ideas for our Christmas cards this year and managed to find a moment to have a photo session (with four this can be challenging!) I cheated and did it in two different shoots. Hope you like it. I have included some out takes as well.