Monday, 27 August 2007

desparate to post but...

so busy with bathroom. Every moment I can spare is spent ont the bathroom. We now have a nice shiney bath which I have re-enamelled and have plumbed in.

I tested its water-tightness today with the children, now I am going to test it myself...eeek slightly more water to cause complete flood if the seal on the waste pipe does not work. (it leaked once but I have changed a few pipes and put loads of sealent round the base so, so far there have been no leaks!)

Reading back on it, I have made it all sound so easy...not so LOTS of hard work respect to plumbers!!!

Back soon.... will post pics of holiday in Devon and some gorgeous stash I got from America this week! Just too yum!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

we're back!!!

actually we have been back for a week but I have not had time to blog...will explain later.

We had a lovely time. The sun was out all week and it was dry!! Yippee! The campsite Cottage Farm was lovely.... really clean and well kept but just the basics. It was small,l so the children could wander around and I would know where they were. This was the view from our tent 9taken by Ewan).....

We visited Buxton..had fun it the Pavillion Gardens...the children went paddling in the stream.

Chatsworth House Gardens were such fun...they have introduced a fun pack for the children to do which kept ours more than occupied. I got lost in the maze ...again!! (last time I could not work it out)

Other places we visited were Poole Cavern and Bakewell...mmm...lovely cakes!! While we were there Colin;s Dad introduced us to a cafe called Treeline. It was tucked away in a courtyard and was lovely. The best thing was the gallery...kept the children well under control!!! The was some stunning glass work which the link doesn't do justice to. I bought a small hanging with four hearts suspended in the glass.

Phoebe did a 3 hour walk with Kath (Colin's sister and myself) and it was not an easy walk. She did not complain once!!

Well when we got back it was straight back to work...I have been gutting our bathroom and then trying to put it back together! I know mad timing but our friends are away and we are using their bath and shower so it was now or never. If I keep to schedule then I should be taking the children away on Thursday to Mullacott Farm for some more camping...and Stephanie is joining us on Saturday which will be fun!