Tuesday, 29 April 2008

stuck in a rut?

I don't know about you but spring is in the air. I want to clear out things, tidy, sort and organise. I want to try new things and look at what I normally do from a fresh perspective.
So if you are stuck in a rut with your scrapping why not try these ideas...

* change the size you work on
* use sketches to kick start you
* look back in your albums and chose your favourite layout. Use the same format but change the colour, paper and embelishments...and you will be very surprised how different it looks!!
* make a mini book - I love small projects which get me back into my creative flow
* try out a new technique

Guess what i have been feature on a fantastic website Sisterhood of Scrap for ideas and inspiration!!!
Go check it out...I am an honorary sister for the week!:)

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Today you....

Wrote a list of all the things she does in a week and stuck it very neatly on her wall. Designed two star charts one for music practise and one for healthy eating! She is such a list girl and is constantly making lists and charts to help her do things. She is also amazingly organised which is lucky for me as sometimes I'm not and it is great to have a walking reminder!!

Got two stickers at school. One was the new rainbow sticker for exceptional behaviour and the other one was best friend badge for being kind to someone.(well strictly it was yesterday but I had to include it!!) You were so excited and full of it when you came home from school. The long awaited first day of Beavers arrived and you had such a fun time. I could not get you to stop talking when you alked in the door.

Ewan is a boy of few paintings at school but today I had a whole collection of them. There was a beautiful one of a rocket. You went to the gym for the first time and absoluteley LOVED it. The whole time was spent running around and leaping off things and diving, jumping and running. At the end when you came out you said "I really liked that it was so fun...and so awesome"
You tried very hard and wrote your name for the first time all the way through by yourself.

You amaze me. Two weeks ago you were wearing nappies and now you are potty trained...and decide to go by yourself, can sort yourself out (on most occasions...there are a few mionr accidents) You went to pre-school for your first visit. You absolutely loved it and had to be dragged away....roll on two weeks when you go properly!! :)

Was really excited bc he had ordered a new "toy" an MP3 player. I was miffed bc mine is not as nice but he rarely ever buys himself anything so I could not really complain!! :)

Me well I was back at school....coming home tired and wishing I had the energy to do something creative with my evening (colin is out at a work function) but knowing I will probably crash out on the sofa!! if I do do anything creative I will let you know.

Friday, 4 April 2008

you rock

Phoebe has anew luv...it is Superchic[k] which is a christian rock band. They sound across between Averil Lavigne and Evervecense....with pink hair!
See an unofficial video of Superchic[k] 'standing in the rain' which is really cool here
Superchic[k] is Phoebes new luv....in her words it rocks!

She is growing up! She has always been one for making sure everything matches and her clothes look good but she never demands to have the lastest fashion, she just makes her own with the clothes she has.
Her lastest phrases seem to include 'rock'
Phoebe we are doing this today (me) ....."cool rock on"(pheoebe)
'That rocks'.... 'totally awesome'....
I just love it and althought we have moments of diva attitudes I am loving getting to know Phoebe as she grows up.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Anyone else feeling tired or is it just me? I think it must be the clocks going forward and not during a holiday!

I had a lovely weekend away here with the ladies from church for our INSPIRE weekend! The main guest speaker was Jane Rosier who used to be a principle ballerina for Birmingham Royal Ballet and she is also an artist. She was really funny and a great inspiration to me (being arty we got on well!!)

I think my tiredness might be due to working!!! I am enjoying my work. It is nice to be creative. I think I have now got into a groove so that the pupils know my expectation and I know their little quirks a bit better.

I am going to be doing textile next term and I am currently searching for textile related projects which boys would like to do....any ideas?

Year 5 are doing trees which is a lovely project....here are some inspirational pictures I found of trees.....