Monday, 23 April 2007

moments like these...

over the weekend I was thinking about routines and what things we did over the weekend or on a typical saturday. As I was walking home with Stephanie we were both saing what busy days we had had, and how funny it would be to write this down and record it...and of course scrap it!!!

So I thought I would record that it a few days, months, or years I could look back and rememeber!!

6:30 ish.. panic Jamie woke us up which means we both slept through our alarm..(Lucia had adjusted my radio alarm to a gentle hissing) Colin's quite unusual for me I didn't hear.

6:45 get up and dressed and then go on a clothes hunt for then rest of the children, who are all downstairs watching 'land before time'

7::00 breakfast all of us together bc Colin has not gone to work yet....the usual indecision and changes of mind from the children over which cereal they would like and where they are sitting...

7:15 breakfast is all going well until Colin leaves and then there is a mad scrum to give daddy a hug and wave him off...lucky daddy!! Manage to coax them back to the table to finish breakfast.

7:30 finish dressing the younger two and look at the clock in amazement that even thought we were up a bit late I was ahead of schedule! !

7:45 Tidied up kitchen, sorted dishwasher, put a load of clothes on, swept lounge, 'encouraged' children to finish getting ready, sorted out ice cold drinks, and packed the lunch boxes (thank goodness I did them last night)

8:30 Pile out of the door in a mad rush to get to school but actually we are on time!! It is a lovely 10min walk and all the way the children were racing to find the next dandelion clock to blow.

9:15 Back from school and hop in the car to take Ewan to pre-school..I could walk but there were some spots of rain..ewan wasn't very happy today and cried when I left him..soon settled down though.

9:30 Back home i tidied the mass of toys from the garden bc it had started to rain and watered the plants (I know it had started to rain but only little spots)

Then I had to finish some albums I have been making...I needed to drop them at the printers to be bound so I had a deadline....

Lucia was constantly asking for 'biscuit', or apple, or banana....anything to eat really

10:50 have a panic bc I have not even cut up the paper for the pages and I need to pick up Ewan at 11:45. I manage to speed up (aided by a nice cup of coffee and a chocolate digestive) and finish assembling all the albums.

12:00 Go to the printers and find that one of the designs of album is to thick and it needs to be drilled!! Will have to go back with more and do them all together.

12:18 Leave and go to my mum and dads for the afternoon.
On the way we were waiting at traffic lights and Ewan looked up and said 7 and 7. He had noticed the numbers on a street lamp I asked him what number came b4 7 '3' and then he said 6. Smart cookie!

3:00 School run again and back to the house for about half an hour before Phoebe has ballet for 1/2 hour. it is in and out of the car....mad

4:00 Sort out pastry for chicken pie for dinner only to remember that we are going out tonight and there is pizza ...oh well we will have both!!!!

5:30 baths and sort out dinner...lots of crying and hyper behaviour!!

6:00 dinner and Colin arrives home to more crying from Phoebe who wants to sit next to him and Ewan who refuses to budge!! Finally we reach a compromise and dinner can start!

6:30 Put Ewan and Lucia to bed and while they are settling do a quick blog ooops! been here half an hour better go and sort the other two out and do their story in time to go out at 8:00

8:00 'Tall Fun Sarah' is babysitting so we can go out to friends house.


Marie R said...

I used to have a life like that! Now they are all grown up and have lives like yours themselves. Lovely!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
That could have been me writing that. I feel like aheadless chicken somethimes,dashing here,there and back and forth to school. I find it hard enough juggling 2 kids a job and a hubbie,and 2 cats....but you have 4! wow!
B x

Auntie Steffi said...

I notice you still had time for coffee and a digestive! Good girl!!

Auntie Steffi said...

PS Ewan was fine after you left pre-school!!