Friday, 17 October 2008

Just realised...

that my header is very out of date! Must get an autumn one. I am looking forward to seeing Mike and Jo my brother and his wife this week end.

Also I am face painting at a party and have some lovely new brushes to play nice when the equipment works well. They do all the gorgeous swirls.

Also I am in the middle of planning Ewans birthday party and have got a massive piece of cardboard to paint some power rangers on. I have just ordered these little light wands/swords for the party excited.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

be the one

We were driving along in the car and this song came on Be the One by the Ting Tings and Lucia immediately was drawn to the song and started singing along (she is three) and now declares it is her favourite song. I went on their web site and love the energy and colour in how they do their videos and my space page. Very groovy.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

just enjoying getting into the swing of term. I am finding that I am quite tired so there have been a few early nights, which has been frustrating bc I have wanted to do something fun. I am trying to sort out the house and keep on top of the m ounting pile of washing. I have come tho the conclusion that I need to reduce the amount of clothes we have. Another job to do!

I am very much wanting to do some sewing and keep searching for the opportunity to do something creative. So last week when I got up early there was a beautiful surprise for me. The mist had come down and covered the millions od spiders webs in our garden with little drops of water so I had great fun taking loads of pictures.

My motto : sometimes we are focussing so much on the big issues of life that we forget the beauty of live that comes in the small insignificant places.