Friday, 16 February 2007

feeling so pampered...

Today is the day of the Valentines Ball!! Ooooh so excited!! Normally I don't have much time to get ready but today I have been really lucky to have friends who have made my day special.

Susie has done a beautiful job with my nails, purple to match my jewelry, with a little dimonte daisy!!
Jules has done a gorgeous hair cut for me. I needed a whole re-style and had 5" cut off!!!
Thank you both soooo much!!!

I will post pics up tomorrow of me in my outfit wit Colin of course!! Have a good friday...just off to sort the kids out hope I don't chip my nails!!!

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Auntie Steffi said...

Rachel,LOVE the hair! Kevin was so impressed when he saw you at school that he actually told me about it - and you know how bad men are at noticing these things! Especially my man! Hope I catch you next week. And by the way - your layouts make me sick!......with envy. Talented old moo! XXX