Tuesday, 20 February 2007

fun stuff...

this week all the stuff I do is centred around the children bc if I don't there is anarchy or zombie children who have had too much tv!! Ewan has not been well so we have been confined to the house mostly. But this is what we have been doing....all of our activities have been centred around chinese new year.
We have made dragons, money envelopes, eaten noodles, made fortune cookies (minus the fortunes!!), painted dragon pictures, made origami pigs and tonight we are combining pancake night and chinese new year and we are having crispy duck pancakes and a load of yummy chinese food followed by pancakes with sugar and lemon.
Look at these sites for activities about chinese new year:


Richard & Sinead said...
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Richard & Sinead said...

You're so creative. Lovely photos! I'll be coming to you for ideas for things to do with Tom when we bring him home.