Sunday, 18 February 2007

catch up

been so busy this weekend I have not had time to blog...oh no!!
The ball was fantastic!! Unfortunately all the photos of me and Colin are on other peoples cameras!! When I get them I will post them up.
The atmosphere was fantastic...the band from the very first song had everyone fact the dance floor was definitely too small!
The food was gorgeous, so tasty and beutifully presented.
Most importantly the charity auction was really sucessful. We were raising money for an orphnage in Malawi. Apparently 10p can feed a child in Malawi for a day! We were able to raise over £7,000, which was double what they were anticipating.

Today we have had friends, Emma and Dan round for lunch...they are such fun to be with..thanks for a good day.

This week is half term so I know that a) no scrapping will get done and b) I may not have time to blog....but I have some cool activities planned so watch this space.

Funny thing LOADS of people said to me today at church..oh have you got new glasses (i got them before christmas) Amazing what a new hairstyle will do.

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