Saturday, 10 February 2007

Phoebes doodles...

While I was out yesterday Phoebe was being creative herself. this is her 'sweet -n- sassy styl' How cool is that. I just love her creative nature.
Poor Lucia has not been well today (bad tummy bug) so I missed church again :( I just love is always so inspiring and uplifting.
I did manage to escape this evening and go to the prayer meeting which was awsome... as usual. I was reminded that church is not a building but the people meeting in it to worship God.
Music was lead by Tim Brown. (He hasn't recorded anything yet but when he does it will be good. Sounds a bit like these artists:)
Hillsong (I love this song 'All for Love' it puts my life right in perspective)


Anonymous said...

love the pictures rachel. I am having a go at this blog thing have a look if you want

Anonymous said...

ooh sorry meant to say its me Rachel - Shauna sorry