Saturday, 24 February 2007

my friend sarah...

this is my friend Sarah with her friend Kelly (Sarah is on the right)...the children call her *tall Sarah*......she is funny, kind hearted, great babysitter, is stupidly resisting scrapbooking, (why?) but she's into knitting (longest piece she has knitted was 26 feet!!) and makes gorgeous jewelry.
She has always wanted a party with lots of tonight her wish came true...she had a pudding party (such a girly thing!!) complete with party games. The children were so excited to be going bc in their words *Sarah has such cool parties*! Happy Birthday Sarah!! Thanks for letting us join in.

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sarah said...

thank you for coming! i had such a fantastic time, a brilliant birthday where i shopped too much, ate too much and danced too much.

Am i holding the record for being the longest non-scrapper?!? i'll scrap my birthday pictures if you all get into kniitting!!!!!! but i do have some fantastic scrappers to live up to-i might need help!