Saturday, 19 May 2007

Wonder Pet Party

Ewan and Lucia were invited to their friends *Wonder Pet Party*. Ewan dressed up as a frog (I know its not strictly wonder pet but he liked it) Lucia was a cute!!!
The cake was fantastic and the attention to detail..even the cups had homemade wonder pet stickers on them.
I was lovely to see my two youngest at a party and mixing with other children. They both enjoyed the bouncy castle and Ewan found a new game throwing the ball out and an adult throwing it in. The bubbles kept ewan occupied for a long time and I realised he can now hold the bottle without tipping all the bubble mixture out.He did run a few people over with the motorised car. Lucia managed to get a few of the dads to help her with things...that girl is NOT shy!!
More photos to come when I have downloaded them...

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