Saturday, 26 May 2007

tea, wax and pirates...

I have been really busy this week and have not had any time to annoying! So I thought I would fill you in on what I have been doing.
I am in the middle of planning Jamie's Pirate party and the first big job was the invitations. My first idea was to roll them up and put them in a bottle but I needed too many I stained some paper with a tea bag and then printed the invitation onto it.
I burnt around the edge by holding it above a candle...I did several at a time but you need a damp cloth to gently extinguish any flames!!! (my whole house smelt of smoke)
I then folded it up and sealed it with a blob of wax. I tried to make a seal in the wax with a metal stamp but I didn't have the proper sealing wax. I melted a candle in a saucepan and dribbled it on with a spoon.
I was really pleased with how they came out and think they LOOK SO COOL!!!
Most importantly Jamie likes them! :)

I love doing things like this and the child went home and said "its even on real pirate paper" another mum said it was the best party invitation they had ever received.

Now, I have always felt the pressure to do the *big party thing* at a play centre or hire a hall and entertainer and I just don't have the money to do it...but do you know what I secretly love doing my own thing!!!
I have always liked being different and I want my children to know that being unique can be is always a risk but definitely worth it !!!
Also I have found this website full of ideas, check it out next time you have a party.

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