Saturday, 5 May 2007

wish i could scrap...

having a stressy night with children not going to sleep!! They are all in the same room bc Colins parents are staying and it is not working!!
I thought I would put them to bed one after the other but Ewan decided to get in Lucias cot and woke her up! I was NOT at 9:15 I still have 4 children awake..although it does seem to have gone quiet! No chance for scrapping :(

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Erin said...

My inlaws are here too! However, I don't have the headache of trying to pile kids all into the same room (though sometimes I wish I did... it would be nice to have more than one). However, I just finished putting the bed together so that the 'rents have a place to lay their heads. They are staying for 2 weeks to help out while I am working.

Hope you can get some scrapping done! (I understand the need to create when the spirit hits!)