Thursday, 31 May 2007

sunshine through rain....

I have had one of those days today where everything that could go wrong went wrong....last night we found that our mot had not been renewed and the tax disc was due today!

Not normally a problem but it is half term and tomorrow we are going to Paultons Park with my parents mmm...not good! After a quick ring round I found no one had any free MOT slots :( ...then I noticed an ad for a garage in Woking I had used before and thought aaah I was going to see my parents anyway so I will drop the chilldren off and then the car and have a cuppa while I wait.

Good plan except..the car failed on emissions (slightly) and needed some work done on it B4 they would give me the MOT... but I had to leave it over night with them...leaving me well stranded!

So finally made it home at 7 pm after waiting for Colin to pick us up (fortunately Phoebe was at a friends!!) So exhausted I open the door and here is the sunshine bit....

There on the doormat was a box of Kazoo Kids chipboard pieces, which I absolutely love!!!!

Thank you sooo much Marie! It really made my day and put a smile on my face!

I love the way God works little things out so that there is maximum impact. Stephanie had come round to drop it off but just missed me so I got the present when I needed it the most! Amazing!

So have a great weekend we are off to Paultons Park tomorrow no matter what...rain, I will take lots of photos and post them up.


Marie R said...

Hi Rachel

Delighted you love your chipboard pieces. I saw them on your wish list and just thought I would send them via Stephanie as I so love reading your blog.

Stephanie will no doubt tell you that she was let loose in the craft shop when it was closed, rather like a vip at Harrods!!! She didn't know what to grab first, although in the end she was quite restrained. Max & Zachary loved it and we chose some stuff and made cards the next day. They had a play with the cricut and we made animal bookmarks. All good fun.

Anyway I'm glad your day ended in a better way than it started. I hope Jamie has a lovely party - great invitations by the way! You are so clever!

Love Marie

Jules said...

So pleased Rachel, that your day ended up happier than it began.......God is amazing how he uses to people to bless us, just when we need it the most....

Have a great day out, we're off to London Zoo for the day today, just hope I get some great piccies.....

Oh and those invites are divine......hope Jamie has a fab party