Tuesday, 1 May 2007

little things in life...

CK online have this great challenge today about the little things in life.

What are the little things in life that you just love, things that make your day, put a smile on your face....check out the challenge then post me if you do it....

My 20 things are (no preference order)....

1. The colour red..has to be deep rich red

2. Smell of damp earth after it has rained

3. Children in fits of giggles over the Dr. Suess story 'Too Many Daves'

4. Sun dried sheets

5. Fresh warm brownies and a nice coffee

6. A curry and bottle of wine with Colin

7. Flowers

8. Cool evening breeze on a summers night

9. Stillness of early morning and sunrise (little children mean this happens!!)

10. Drift wood

11. Fabric especially beautiful textures or colours

12. Dresses over jeans bc they cover my imperfections!!!

13. People who say thank you

14. A letter or a card through the post

15. Children playing contentedly

16. An empty laundry basket

17. Walking the children to school

18. A good book to read

19. An invite out to a meal or party

20. Hearing the children shout 'daddy' when Colin comes home from work (he gets mobbed)

Not sure if I will have time to do it tonight but hopefully sometime this week!!

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