Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Anyone else feeling tired or is it just me? I think it must be the clocks going forward and not during a holiday!

I had a lovely weekend away here with the ladies from church for our INSPIRE weekend! The main guest speaker was Jane Rosier who used to be a principle ballerina for Birmingham Royal Ballet and she is also an artist. She was really funny and a great inspiration to me (being arty we got on well!!)

I think my tiredness might be due to working!!! I am enjoying my work. It is nice to be creative. I think I have now got into a groove so that the pupils know my expectation and I know their little quirks a bit better.

I am going to be doing textile next term and I am currently searching for textile related projects which boys would like to do....any ideas?

Year 5 are doing trees which is a lovely are some inspirational pictures I found of trees.....

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