Friday, 4 April 2008

you rock

Phoebe has anew is Superchic[k] which is a christian rock band. They sound across between Averil Lavigne and Evervecense....with pink hair!
See an unofficial video of Superchic[k] 'standing in the rain' which is really cool here
Superchic[k] is Phoebes new her words it rocks!

She is growing up! She has always been one for making sure everything matches and her clothes look good but she never demands to have the lastest fashion, she just makes her own with the clothes she has.
Her lastest phrases seem to include 'rock'
Phoebe we are doing this today (me) ....."cool rock on"(pheoebe)
'That rocks'.... 'totally awesome'....
I just love it and althought we have moments of diva attitudes I am loving getting to know Phoebe as she grows up.

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