Thursday, 21 December 2006

Tuesday was lovely as we went to see the Nativity play performed outside and in a barn at Wintershall Estate. It brings it all to life as the whole play is performed by adults and children. The "baby Jesus" was so cute.
The star of the show was definitely the sheep!! As everyone came in the barn and sat down the choir started gently singing silent night. At the end of nearly every line the one sheep did a baa! It was so well timed that it made everyone fall about laughing!!
What I liked was that it reminded me that the nativity is not this clean pretty picture. Jesus was born in a dirty stable. His visitors were not friends and family but rough sheperds and wise kings. How amazing
A line from Phoebe's school play went something like this: Jesus was born in a dirty tatty stall. You wonder why a stable. It isn't all that odd, you don't have to be special to be valuable to God.

How wonderful that the King of kings identified himself with the most ordinary people to show that no one need be excluded. Everyone is special to God no matter social standing, education or wealth. What a lovely thing to remember this christmas

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