Saturday, 23 December 2006

Long Day!!!

Today we travelled up to lLiverpool to visit Colin's parents. We have come to the conclusion that due to traffic and frayed tempers travelling with children after 10am becomes more and more stressful as the journey continues, so we have come up with a good solution....leave early in the morning! Simple...

Only Colin is not a morning person! He has now come round to my mad plan of getting up at 5:15 and leaving by 6am. It means we beat the awful traffic and the children sometimes sleep but are always quite good tempered until about 10 am by which time we are nearly there.

Apart from missing a turning and Lucia throwing up when we were nearly there the journey went well....and there was lots of fog. Jamie was really pleased because he could read the FOG signs on the motor way. We did see a road sign flashing which said "animal on the road". Only saw some police holding something on the grass bank, so we don't know what animal it was.
children were so pleased to see their granny and grandad, aunty Kath and uncle Paul.

All of them are asleep now except stoppy madame Lucia who looks set to stay up longer than us!!

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