Monday, 25 December 2006

Merry Christmas!!!!

The fantasctic thing about being at Colin's parents is, I don't have to cook Christmas dinner...which means I can chill out a bit.
After staying up till 1am wrapping presents, we had a shock when the children all managed to wake each other up at 4am....they were sent straight back to bed and didn't re-emerge until about 8...phew much more civilised!!!
They were very VERY excited. Jamie sounded like he had been on helium...his voice was getting higher and higher. They rushed down stairs and chose one present from "santa" to bring back upstairs. then they had breakfast (much to my amusement...very restrained wouldn't you say!)
After that it was full steam ahead with serious present opening.

Lucia went all healthy and along with her sweets and chocolates decided that "rudolph's" carrot would be nice!!
We went to see "old" granny, and made her day. she was so pleased to see all the great-grandchildren.

Looking forward to a lovely Christmas dinner so want to wish everyone a

merry christmas from the Saunders!!!

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