Friday, 7 March 2008

your park + my park = satisfaction

Your Park
When you go to the park you see a world of possibilities. Slides to go whizzing down, steps to climb up, swings to make you fly, seesaws which make you bounce. Challenges to overcome. Imaginary games. Running, climbing, action, round and round, trying, repeating it over again, never still, always moving and non stop fun. That is your park.

My Park
Watching you play and listening for your call for help. Waiting, usually on my own, devoid most of the time of adult conversation. Part of your world but outside it... a spectator to your imagination. So I look and see things differently while I am waiting. I see colour, pattern, texture, shape, line and form. Your playing and my looking makes me love going to the park because it satisfies the mother and the artist in me.
(The Lookout and Yateley Park March 4th and 7th 2008)

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Marie R said...

I love this Rachel. Hope the job is going well.