Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Spring is in the air. The sun is shining and I have got a head full of ideas. Most frustrating thing is I have had to do housework today, so no creating! Good thing about housework it is so mundane that I have time to churn ideas over and over. I need to get my sketch book and put a few of these ideas down before I forget them.
I am going to do something creative with the children when we get back from school as tuesday is my free evening.
I have found a big twig which we are going to decorate for easter so may be we will begin that or Phoebe want to make a little film. We will see what takes our fancy. I love afternoons like this when there is nothing to do...a kind of chilling out creative time.
These are some blogs that are inspiring me right now...
Moopy and Me Such a cute idea for an art activity with children
Print Pattern thanks Emily for the heads up on this web site it is full of inspiration!
Garden Trading..mmmm love all these vintage look things....could easily buy most of the shop!

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