Wednesday, 5 March 2008

see things differently

I had a good day at work teaching art. Really tired out after being on my feet all day and then coming home to finish the things in my house. :) So after all the jobs (well nearly all) had been done I could not resist doing some blogging to chill out. Found some interesting blogs I will share with you another time.

I wanted to share some photos I had taken yesterday. It was a really cold, sunny day but with lots of cloud around. The light was fantastic especially as most of the photos were taken late afternoon.

I was trying out some different settings like the multiple photos ( i can take only three quick sucession) This was fun with two children on the swings!

I was also trying out different using objects as a frame for my subject.

The best one (bc the light and cloud was so contrasting ) was half holding down the button whilst pointing at light/dark object and then moving the camera onto my subject. This resulted in the contrasts in the dramatic sky.

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