Tuesday, 18 March 2008

tidying up

Does anyone have any good ideas of how to really sort out their house?
I am tidying up which means a massive sort out of everything. The only trouble is I always run out of time and never seem to really finish the job. I also get bored of tidying up and need an incentive to motivate me. Unfortunately a tidy room is not enough to keep me motivated.

Any ideas of things which motivate you?


Auntie Steffi said...

I tend to imagine that Kim and Aggie are on their way round!

Marie R said...

If you find out let me know!

Anonymous said...

We are doing a massive tidy/sort/re-organise this weekend.

I'm planning to sort out children's clothes & toys that are not used anymore but are good enough to sell - to raise cash for new!!!! (Or scrapbooking supplies if I can get away with it)
How's that for an incentive????

Failing that I'll reward my self with an Easter Egg!