Wednesday, 5 December 2007


I want to keep a track of what we do through the whole of december 07 so I can remember. So here in quick is what has been going on...

Dec 2 (Sun) we put the tree up as it was the only free weekend! It worked out well bc Phoebe was singing in her Chamber Choir (school) and they were having a joint concert with the Yateley Choral Society and two other schools. We went to St Swithems church and enjoyed a lovely evening of carols and christmas songs. We came back and decorated the tree amid much excitement and noise!! Lucia decided to see how many baubles fitted on on branch, Phoebe spent ages considering where a particular decoration would look best, Ewan put a santa hat on and Jamie just pottered. We then had a roast dinner with the "candles on" and had the first mince pies (ecept Colin had sneaked one the day b4!!

Dec 3 (Mon) Phoebe practising her ballet show, while me and the children went to the library to choose some christmas stories. We now have a christmas book basket where they can choose stories from. I did some christmas shopping!

Dec 4 ( Tues) I had my hair cut ( a lot shorter!) to get ready for my mums night out on Wed. I also was leading the small group at church which was fun. We spent the evening focussing in on the real meaning of christmas and looking at the christmas story froim the eyes of the people in it. Very interesting! My ice breaker was fun. I had a basket of "christmas objects" and we chose one and said what it meant or a funny story attacthed to it ie mine was

I love decorating the chirstmas tree but I also know my children love to do it as well so in order that I have what I want on the tree I only put out those decorations!! But having decorated the tree I came downstairs to find Ewan and lucia plaing a funny game...."lets remove all the baubles off the tree!!"

Dec 5 (Wed) woohoo out tonight with some friends. Will tell you about it tomorrow. Today we are having our travel jabs....all of us!! Ouch! Which means I will only be having one glass!

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