Saturday, 1 December 2007


What do you do in the run up to Christmas? I love all the excitement, decorations, anticipation and lights (not tacky ones). I am going to try to make a note this year of all the things which we do...if I blog them then I might be able to do an album later (ha ha!!)

So today...I have got some wreaths and small decorations out and the rest will follow tomorrow.

The children were very excited to open their advent calendars and usually we read a bit of the christmas story but they were all very tired so we will catch up tomorrow!

Tonight me and Colin are going to check through the month and see what is coming up so we can prepare for a very, very busy month !!!
Looking forward to.....
* decorating the house (need to tidy up first!!)
* picking holly and ivy for mantle piece
* doing craft with children
* shopping (nearly finished)
* making cards
* getting cards and letters (i love it bc we never get letters these days)
* making christmas treats
* going for a drive to look at the local christmas lights
* hearing Phoebe sing in the chamber choir
* face painting before the Peter Pan pantomime in Woking

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