Monday, 10 December 2007

wow last week was a blur and bc I have THREE sick children (tummy bug) I couldnt do the cleaning today as planned and had to sit with them...I let them watch dvd and I sit on the sofa with them reading a book. That way they get a cuddle and I can switch off from the film which I have seen countless times!!

Wed 5th night out with "yummy mummys" as we are know was great fun. The numbers had gone down so we were all on the same table which was really fun. We didnt think much of the DJ only got to 90's by midnight (boring) which was when I had to go! But I must say my fav was the dodgems...put a load of party people in dodgems with no rules and what you get is crazy!! The photo is of one of my friends Jeanette.

Thursday 6th We had another busy morning at the toddler group Sunbeams and after school I was helping a friend Claire sew her son Louis outfit for the school play...he is Ginger Spice!!! I was nice to catch up as we dont see each other that often and Phoebe and Louis always have got along very well.

Friday 7th Ewan and Lucia had a christmas party at a toddler group they go to and their first meeting of santa this year...but I forgot my camera so I am still waiting for a friend to send me the copy. Ewan dressed up as a camel and Lucia as a sheep. So cute. Ewan was the first in line and was delighted with his present od chocolates!! Lucia desparately wanted the present but was not so keen about Santa!!

Saturday 8th Colin and the children went to a party at church and had fun...i went to my first shift of my "holiday job" face painting at the Victoria Theatre in Woking at their Pantomime "Peter Pan". It is such a fun job making their evening really special and the company I 'm employed by Ezylet is a sponsor so it is free which makes the parents really happy! The day before I had done some example on my children which was fun. Phoebe had a hand in designing some of them. And my parents flew in from Thailand in the evening, for Christmas which was lovely.

Sunday 9th I was able to get to church in the morning b4 going to work...I spent a lovely hour and half between shifts sitting (yes sitting) in a coffee shopp with a coffee and bagel.... aaaah bliss! Colin had a good day with the children and all was fine until the evenning when three children were sick!!!

Monday Chilled out day with sick children! Phoebe was sad bc she missed her first performance in front of the school :( but hopefully she will be well enought to perform tomorrow for me and Colin (we are more important!)

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