Thursday, 20 September 2007

totally awsome...stunning...amazing

what a show! From the moment we walked in we knew it was going to be good. The set was fantastic, there were tree roots growing out from the stage covering some of the ceiling and boxes right up to where we were sitting (on the front row of the 'grand circle' as Emma said anything with grand in it make you feel really posh!)
The stage revolved and as the play progressed different parts would move up and down creating different effects...really clever. The whole space was used as elves came down from the ceiling, orks were on these bouncy shoes and did acrobatic movements, ents were on huge stilts and the Dark Riders were on stilts as well and were so cleverly done. I wont tell you every thing as it would spoilt it if you wanted to go. I would highly recommend was visually stunning and the story was cleverly told. The musical aspect was different from the usual musical numbers and was an enhancement woven through the story rather than part of the dialogue as in most musicals.

The restaurant was fantastic...quick delicious and so funky. I had Thai Green curry pizza which was so gorgeous. Definitely recommend the Fire and Stone too.......actually I noticed they are doing 'Show and Meal' deals for Lord of the Rings why not check it out!!!

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