Tuesday, 4 September 2007


no! not back to basics.... back to blogging!!! Yey! I have sooo missed doing my blog but it was nealy impossible to do over the holidays...there was always someone on the computer or doing something they shouldn't be doing or wanting me to do something. Hectic and crazy!

So this is why I like today ....

*back to school for Jamie and Phoebe

* back to routine for everyone...(sigh of relief from Colin)

* back to the cleaning and washing (*sigh* from me...not that I have had a break from it over the summer but at least I can get some done!)

* back to cropping...yey! a crop this week Thursday night at Yateley Manor School 7:30

* back to normality!

* and most of all back to blogging!

I was going through my holiday photos and I loved this one taken at The Lookout in Bracknell on Bank Holiday Monday by Colin.

To me it shows how crazy my live is. Sometimes I feel as if I am on a roundabout spinning round and round without being able to get off but while I am spinning and in the middle of the chaos I can have fun with my children. I can offer them a fun packed full live, living it to the edge but with the security and support they need. That is what being a mum is to me.

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