Thursday, 13 September 2007

Stripping back....

Well it was while i was taking the tiles off the floor that got me beautiful things look when you start taking away all the rubbish and extra unnecessary parts. They have a simple uncomplicated beauty which is so attractive.

I would be quite happy sanding the floor and painting it white bc I love the way things look in their original state. (too late I had already bought the flooring, which will look good in a different way)

I started applying this to my daily life. What things can I strip back to make it more simple and uncomplicated. What are the things I want to keep and what things can I so without...good question.

I cram so many things into a day that it make my head spin and that is not good!!! So I have been trying to slow down thins week and think things though a bit more...trying to think about the repercussions of a given course of action on me and my family.....

On the whole apart from one or two days life has been much calmer! I did decide to do a detox of caffeine this week as well so I was quite grumpy at the beginning of the week which was probably not such good timing (much to Stephanie's amusement!) But I can say the I am feeling much better and less grumpy (what IS that coffee and tea doing to me :( ! )

So we will see....can I keep this uncomplicated life up...according to Colin No! but I will have a good try!!!!

Phoebe with her new haircut, no front teeth and new stripy legging under her skirt (latest fashion and oh so proud of them)

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Jools said...

Oh, I'm right there with you on the giving up caffeine this week. Took me until Thursday to not wake up with a headache!!!

I'm liking the idea of thinning/stripping out too - currently working the idea through my scrap stash.