Thursday, 26 July 2007

how many activities!!!!!

lets see today we have.....

* played Lego
*computer games
* made a yogurt exfoliater
* buckaroo
* made cakes
* tidied up (me)
* played playdoh
* tidied up (me)
* made an avocado face mask
* iced cakes
* more play doh
* made rose water eye masks
* more play doh
* enforced play in the garden (with doors shut so I had some peace!)
* spinning paintings
* blowing paint pictures
* babies
* repeat all beauty treatments
* more Lego
* oh and more tidying up for fun!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, you put me to shame girl!!!!How much do you pack into the day...well done....I've managed to keep my head above water...just!!
The boys just want to go out and burn off some energy,which today they can..Hurrah!
We've been skateboarding,to the park(ours was v busy too)made biscuits,visited Great Granny in hospital,done puzzles,read magazines(Charlie&Lolas a good one) and then fitted in the a morning at work, stripping the beds and having a good clear out of accumulated cupboard rubbish!!!!How do we do it !!

bridget xx

Marie R said...

Hi Rachel

How do you do it? Seem to remember when I had 'your life' it was tidy up, ironing, wash up, ironing, washing, ironing, lambing sheep, cooking, calving cows, oh and did I mention ironing!!!!!!