Monday, 23 July 2007

holidays are here eek!!!

Monday....I am trying to be positive about the holidays. I love them really but they can be quite exhausting epecially when it is RAINING!!!!
Ok so I decided that as we go on holiday next monday I would start the packing today! First job was to clear the car out...then it was entertaining the children while it bucketed down.
That was solved by putting up a beach shelter tent in the lounge and they played camping..lasted for ages and kept them all occupied.

Tuesday...IT WAS SUNNY!!! they all slept in and we had a slow start but while it was sunny went to the you can guess it was heaving! Everyone had the same idea..but it got them out and exercised. We are also feeding Liz's cats..yesterday one of them decided it would be nice to bring in a half daed bird..thanks I really needed that!

Wednesday...more rain! I had made my mind up that if it rained we would get all togged up and go out in the rain and jump in puddles but it was that horrible rain which is fine, very wet and makes absoluteley no puddles. So we went to M&S for Phoebes uniform and then Tescos for the rest of it. We only made it through with the *incentive* of doughnuts. (found out it is not *bribing* bc bribing is giving someone a reward to make them do something against the law but an *incentive* is giving them a reward to get them to do something which they need to do...I like this!!!) We then visited Emma R for the afternoon..thankyou for letting us was so lovely getting out of the house and..... you just rock!!!

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