Sunday, 29 July 2007 is chaotic!!!

We are off tomorrow (6 am) to the Peaks for our camping holiday and yes the sun is going to shine! (I've decided!!!)

But before that today we had 10 children, 6 adults and a dog round for lunch!!!

Lucia managed to find a lovely squishy muddy puddle and got totally plastered up to her waist...her nice pink trousers were black!!! But thanks to good old persil and vanish they are now pink again!

So see you in a week!! enjoy the sunshine!


Anonymous said...

have a fab holiday.I'll keep fingers (and everything else) crossed for sunshine for you all

Bridget x

Jules said...

Hoping you are having a wonderful holiday, I'm looking forward to reading about it on your return :o)

Marie R said...

Have a good one Rachel. Everything crossed for sunshine. x