Friday, 1 June 2007

What a day!!!!

Well we were a little late leaving so we didn't get there until 11:30, so some of the rides were quite busy. We went straight to the log flume ride and got wet!!! Then we queued up for the *Cobra* a big roller I strapped my camera on tight and took some photos on the way round!!! Fab ride so fast and high!!

Phoebe *loves* her aunty Bekah and spent the whole day at her side!! Bekah is so good with her.

I was having camera trouble again and didn't realise that the camera I was using only had a small card on it...doh!!!! I was not able to get many pictures especially of Colin and my mum and dad...(mum took some and so did dad so hopefully between us we will have some of everyone!!)

I love this one of Colin on the *log flume ride* Phoebe loved this ride and went on it a few times.

Memories of the day......
* Sitting with Ewan on the Stinger roller coaster and watching his little face beam when we got to the top...much to my surprise he LOVED it
*Persuading Jamie all the way up the Wave Runner (which was scarily high off the ground and had holes in the steps) that he would enjoy it when he got took LOTS of pep talk...he loved it
* Lucia trying to work out how to get into the pond area which had a gate on, lock won't open...well wait for someone to come out...hey I'm in!!!!
* Being out all together as a family
*Phoebe going on every big ride without any fear and doing the most amazing screams!!!
*Racing against Colin on the go-karts (I was the passenger and dad was driving) and overtaking him and Phoebe
*At the end of the day when all the rides had finished...just watching the children play on the sand paly park in the late afternoon sun.
* Walking through the Japanese garden at the end of the day and seeing the iris and lilly in the pond
* Ending the day at McDonalds to Jamie's delight!!!
* Winding down on the sofa after the children had crashed and watching Big Brother with Colin.
Hope you all had a good day!!

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Anonymous said...

ah rach,its sounds like you had a fab nice to have the sun back too.
Am loving the first picture,lovely colours and the idea of what is to come!!!!!!!!!!
See you next week
Bridget xx