Monday, 4 June 2007

I've been....

sewing....sewing...sewing...and more sewing!! Getting ready for Jamies party and I found this most awsome fabric!! Girly pink skull and crossbone. I just had to have it for all my girl pirates!!! But that means sewing 32 bandanas, 32 sashes and 32 loot bags and 32 eye patches.....yes, I know what was I thinking! But hey I think its going to be the best party ever! (bias of course)
also my box of pirate goodies came today full of gold coins, necklaces and rings... and a HUGE pirate flag...such fun!!! I think I am enjoying this more than Jamie!!
I am still waiting for the music to arrive. I ordered a CD of Disney Pirate songs and the sound track to the Black Pearl...hope they get here soon!!!
So this week I will do very short blogs!

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Marie R said...

Good luck Rachel!!! Looks like Jamie is going to have a brilliant party. I know Zachary is looking forward to it, he was well impressed with his invitation.

Marie x