Monday, 19 March 2007

thank you...

thank you to everyone who sent me a comment to cheer me up ...that was really sweet of you all. (it did cheer me up!)
I had a lovely day on Sunday bc I realised (although they are hard work) how great my children are. They plotted and planned all weekend to give me little presents for *Mothers Day*. Colin said it was really sweet that they organised it all and it was their ideas...which makes it so much nicer.
They had all made cards at school or pre-school but Jamie had managed to lose his! So with Phoebes help he made a new one. I kept having to walk through parts of the house *without looking!*Then they filled a box with presents and cards, chose some flowers and presented them to me with lots of hugs and kisses. So sweet! :)

Also, I have such a wonderful husband who, tried so hard to make sure I had a proper rest to recover...that he has gone to work today totally exhausted!

Something I was inspired by....I was looking on Ali Edwards blog and she set a challenge to capture your nightly routine and document what you do.....even if you don't have children it could be interesting to remember later on... go on have a go... I am going to post this later on ...have lots of blogging time to catch up on ...

Also I haven't forgotten two more questions to answer and three raks to send off and Katrinas buttons...will try to do that asap...have the raks ready(will try to take a photo so you can see what is coming)...they just need to make it into the post!!!

Right I need to get tidying up as my mum and dad are coming over...they have been in the UK for nearly tow weeks and I have only seen them once bc they have been ill as well :(

Have a great Monday!!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a lot better. I really enjoy reading your blog, it's a taste of home when we're so far away. I also find the things you do with the kids and your scrapbooking really inspiring, I don't know where you get the energy, o Sinead