Friday, 16 March 2007

feeling really ill...

I am feeling really bad...heavy cold, chesty cough, aches etc... so I will probably not blog for a couple of days bc all I feel like doing is lying on the sofa...see you soon. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
Hope you feel better soon, Darron has been wiped out this week with some sort of similar thing,I think he's passed it on to generous!!
Lots of healing hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
Get well soon, you are far to busy
to be ill !! Hope Colin and the children keep clear of it!
God Bless, lots of love and hugs
Ruth X

Richard & Sinead said...

Hope you feel better soon!
Love Sinead (Richard & Tom) ps I've just signed up for 11 hrs of scrapbooking next Saturday! I'll hopefully get a few pages done in between going home to feed Tom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
Your place sounds like ours - another week, another illness, unfortunately ours is the dreaded tummy bug with all those lovely symptons!!!!!
I hope you get better soon & you enjoy the weekend, especially as it's Mothers Day.
Take care
Katrina :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
Hope you are feeling better soon - we've all had it here too!
Get better soon,