Saturday, 10 March 2007

question 2#

from Willina
I would like to do an album of our holiday in Paris. The photos were taken over a week and obviously in lots of different locations, so I can't really use the same colours to create a running theme. What other ideas do you have to make the pages look like a unit.

Good question. I think holiday albums/themed albums can be hard to do so that each event stands out but still retains a sense of being one....
This is what I would do;

First I would look at the photos I had and decide on how I was going to present my album. I could :
1. Divide it up into each day what we did where we went...
2. Focus on the experiences ie places we visited, food, culture, places we stayed, funny things that happened . Each page would have a mixture of day.
3. Choose a theme like the senses. I did this for a series of layouts for a trip to Thailand and I used the titles sight smell taste etc to convey a sense of our holiday.

Then I would choose 3-4 plain colours which complimented the majority of my photos
also I would choose a few patterned papers which would go with my theme/photos if I needed extra detail.

I would come up with a few layout ideas and use them throughout the mini book as this gives a sense of continuity. These could be rotated to change things around a little.

Finally I would choose a few embellishment such as ribbon, buttons, flowers which would be in the same colours as the papers i have chosen. I could mix and match them but as they are repeated through the book it gives flow.

Titles I tend to use the same font through out a mini book but just change the size or weight to give a different effect.

Hope this helps! thanks for your question. Just click on the envelope and sent me an email with your details so I can post your goodies.

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