Saturday, 10 March 2007


Ok I planned this badly!!! Sorry I have kept you all in suspense. Colin is away all weekend and last night I was out with the girls from school (mums) what a hillarious evening...but it meant I didnt have time to post the results... (sorry)

I will try to do them all by the end of the weekend. Good questions!! I will choose the five for the main goodies and then everyone else I will answer your question and send you a little something for participating as a thankyou from me.

Question 1# from Bridget (B x) (please e-mail me with your details)

If you could be invisible for a day what would you do.....such a funny question!!!
And if a film was made of your life ...who would play you?

I would love to go into school/pre-school and see what my children were up to. i have spent so much time with them but that is a part of life I know nothing about. i want to know who they play with and how they really are when mum is not around. I would love to see that side to their personality which I don't see at home.

I would also like to make things happen like moving objects and see what peoples reactions would be...
also Jamie visited Windsor Castle this week on a school trip and last year I went to Buckingham Palace...i would love to see what the Queen does. i'm sure I can think of more things for this one so if they come I will add them on

Someone to play me... (fun) I think Kate Winslet or Kirsten Dunst
I love the variety of characters they play. Also Kate is a real woman...curvy like me!! What do you think good resemblance?

More later...the children are up to all sorts of mischief whilst I am on the computer!!! Better go and keep them in order. We had waffles this morning so i think it is a bit of a sugar rush!!!


claud said...

Nice blog! It looks great and I love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rach,
Thanks for answering my questions....great answers too.I have always wanted to know what my children get up to too, when I'm not around...mischief no doubt.
I think Ally Sheedy would be a good actress for me..she was in the Breakfast Club(one of my favourite teen films)but I would really love me to be played by Julia Roberts..beautiful smile,great hair and long legs that I just wish to have!
I will mail you my details
Bridget x

Richard & Sinead said...

What a fun answer to the first question. Looking forward to reading more.