Friday, 26 January 2007

caught in the act!!!

I was getting something done upstairs when I noticed that both children were downstairs...mmm always spells trouble!! I went down to find Ewan on the countertop raiding the cupboard (again!) Everything they had opened they had eaten half of!! He was very kindly 'sharing' with Lucia. As you can see he was not at all sorry for what he had done..even though it meant a spell on the strairs.
I will post some more scrapping related stuff soon...I've been doing boring admin this week , like tax returns and end of year accounts, advertising and web page stuff. (unfortunately i don't think the tax office would appreciate a 12x12 embellished tax return,...shame it would make it SO much more interesting! )
I do have all my classes listed now if you are in my locality and would like to find out more go to Three Little Monkeys

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